Energetic, qualified, with experience and concomitantly young team of civil engineers open to new trends in Civil Engineering. “Efficiency, modernity, professionalism” is the motto of our company. We are using only professional software, inter alia Idea Statica, ArCADia-TERMO PRO. Work is our passion, which absorb us totally.

What are we doing?

Designing the building structures in the field of construction and executive documentation for:

  • housing facility
  • industrial, office facility
  • housing and public facility
  • other engineering structure, inter alia silos, storages


We conduct energy and renovation audits and also we issue Statement of Energy Performance of Buildings.

Who does support us?

  • architectural offices, which appreciate our creativity and the unique nature
  • civil engineers, who share our enthusiasm for creating of reality
  • high-class specialists among researchers of technical university, who respect us for our substantive preparation, knowledge and constant desire to learn




  1. Ph.D. studies on Cracow University of Technology, Ph.D. research in the field of rheological phenomena of prestressed structures
  2. MSc Eng studies on Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, specialty: Bridges and Underground Structures, Master thesis in the field of: ”Analysis of failure prestressed concrete bridges”
  3. B.Eng. studies on Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thesis in the field of: “Prestressed concrete cylindrical silo”

Professional experience

  1. Research and teaching assistant of Cracow University of Technology
    Teaching Experience of conducting classes in “Prestressed and prefabricated structures”
    5 international and 3 local papers presented on conferences on concrete and prestressed structures
  2. Construction Engineer in “Budoimpex Sp. z o.o.”
  3. Construction Engineer in “Asis Sp. z o.o.”

Trainings and additional experience:

  1. intensive technical training workshop completed with skills and proficiency “Idea Statica” conducted by “JD Engineering” company
  2. Technical training in the field of application finite-element method in design of construction carried out by Autodesk Robobat
  3. Practice in “Budoimpex Sp. z o.o.” company in Straszęcin
  4. Tree months practice in the field of design construction in New York, USA
  5. Two months practice in “Now-Bud” company in Dębica
  6. intensive technical training with energy audits